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Eagle Lake Information

Zip Code(s): 53139 (Click to check weather)
Area Code(s): n/a
State: Wisconsin State
County: Racine County
Average House Value: $117,300
Average Household Income: $47,650
People Per Household: n/a

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Time Zone: n/a
PMSA: n/a
CSA: n/a
CBSA: n/a

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Land Area: 2.2 Sq. Mi.
Elevation: 0 feet

City Population
Total Population: 1,320
Male Population: 659
Female Population: 661
Average Resident Age: 34.8%
Percent Foreign Born: 1.6%

City Marital Status
Never Married 21.0%(21.0%)
Married 61.1%(61.1%)
Separated (Married) 0.0%(0.0%)
Widowed 4.7%(4.7%)
Divorced 13.1%(13.1%)
White Non-Hispanic 91.5%(91.5%)
Hispanic 5.6%(5.6%)
German 38.0%(38.0%)
Polish 13.6%(13.6%)
Italian 10.5%(10.5%)
Irish 10.5%(10.5%)
United States 7.8%(7.8%)
English 7.0%(7.0%)
High School 90.3%(90.3%)
Bachelors 23.6%(23.6%)
Graduates 11.7%(11.7%)

Temperature Averages

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