BioMeDical Package

<language, library, statistics> (BMDP) A statistical language and library of over forty statistical routines developed in 1961 at UCLA, Health Sciences Computing Facility under Dr. Wilford Dixon.

BMDP was first implemented in Fortran for the IBM 7090.

Tapes of the original source were distributed for free all over the world.

BMDP is the second iteration of the original BIMED programs. It was developed at UCLA Health Sciences Computing facility, with NIH funding.

The "P" in BMDP originally stood for "parameter" but was later changed to "package".

BMDP used keyword parameters to defined what was to be done rather than the fixed card format used by original BIMED programs.

BMDP supports many statistical funtions: simple data description, survival analysis, ANOVA, multivariate analyses, regression analysis, and time series analysis.

BMDP Professional combines the full suite of BMDP Classic (Dynamic) release 7.0 with the BMDP New System 2.0 Windows front-end.

BMDP from Statistical Solutions (

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