Blue Book

1. <publication> Informal name for one of the four standard references on the page-layout and graphics-control language PostScript.

The other three official guides are known as the Green Book, the Red Book, and the White Book.

["PostScript Language Tutorial and Cookbook", Adobe Systems, Addison-Wesley 1985, (ISBN 0-201-10179-3)].

2. <publication> Informal name for one of the three standard references on Smalltalk.

This book also has green and red siblings.

["Smalltalk-80: The Language and its Implementation", David Robson, Addison-Wesley 1983, (ISBN 0-201-11371-63)].

3. <publication> Any of the 1988 standards issued by the ITU-T's ninth plenary assembly.

These include, among other things, the X.400 electronic mail specification and the Group 1 through 4 fax standards.

See also book titles.

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