Business Software Alliance

<company> The BSA was created by Microsoft in 1988 in an attempt to combat software theft.

The alliance includes the majority of leading software publishers including Novell, Symantec, and Autodesk and is actively campaigning in over 65 countries.

The BSA operates a three-pronged approach: 1. Lobbying to strengthen copyright laws and co-operation with law enforcement agencies.

2. Educating the public through marketing, roadshows, etc.

3. Bringing legal actions against counterfeiters.

BSA's aims are the same as the Federation Against Software Theft but it is not limited to the UK.

In December 1990 the BSA obtained the first legal order in the UK which allowed a surprise search on a company's offices for suspected copyright infringement.

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UK Office: Business Software Alliance, 1st Floor, Leaconfield House, Curzon Street, London W1Y 8AS, United Kingdom.

See also software audit.

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