Chalmers University of Technology

A Swedish university founded in 1829 offering master of science and doctoral degrees.

Research is carried out in the main engineering sciences as well as in technology related mathematical and natural sciences.

Five hundred faculty members work in more than 100 departments organised in nine schools.

Chalmers collaborates with the University of Göteborg.

Around 8500 people work and study on the Chalmers campus, including around 500 faculty members and some 600 teachers and doctoral students.

About 4800 students follow the master degree programs.

Every year 700 Masters of Science in Engineering and in Architecture graduate from Chalmers, and about 190 PhDs and licentiates are awarded.

Some 40% of Sweden's engineers and architects are Chalmers graduates.

About a thousand research projects are in progress and more than 1500 scientific articles and research reports are published every year.

Chalmers is a partner in 80 EC research projects.

Home (

Address: S-412 96 Göteborg, SWEDEN.

Telephone: +46 (31) 772 10 00.

Fax: +46 (31) 772 38 72.

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