COMmon Algorithmic Language

<language> (COMAL) A language for beginners developed by Benedict Loefstedt and Borge Christensen in 1973 and popular in Europe and Scandinavia.

It has a Pascal-like structure added to BASIC.

COMAL-80 has been adopted as an introductory language in Denmark.

There is a version for the Amiga and a well-supported version for the PC, running under MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows, called UniCOMAL.

Recently, it has been developed as a web-scripting language called WebCOMAL.

macharsoft (

There is a COMAL User's Group at 5501 Groveland Terr, Madison WI 53716, USA.

["Beginning COMAL", B. Christensen, Ellis Harwood 1982].

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