Green Book


<publication> Informal name for one of the four standard references on PostScript.

The other three official guides are known as the Blue Book, the Red Book, and the White Book.

["PostScript Language Program Design", Adobe Systems, Addison-Wesley, 1988 (ISBN 0-201-14396-8)].

2. <publication> Informal name for one of the three standard references on SmallTalk.

Also associated with blue and red books.

["Smalltalk-80: Bits of History, Words of Advice", by Glenn Krasner (Addison-Wesley, 1983; QA76.8.S635S58; ISBN 0-201-11669-3)].


<publication> The "X/Open Compatibility Guide", which defines an international standard Unix environment that is a proper superset of POSIX/SVID.

It also includes descriptions of a standard utility toolkit, systems administrations features, and the like.

This grimoire is taken with particular seriousness in Europe.

See Purple Book.


<publication> The IEEE 1003.1 POSIX Operating Systems Interface standard has been dubbed "The Ugly Green Book".


<publication> Any of the 1992 standards issued by the ITU-T's tenth plenary assembly.

These include, among other things, the dreadful X.400 electronic mail standard and the Group 1 through 4 fax standards.

6. Green Book CD-ROM.

See also book titles.

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