Lambda Prolog

<language> An extension of standard Prolog defined by Dale A. Miller and Gopalan Nadathur in 1986, in which terms are strongly typed lambda terms.

Clauses are higher order {hereditary Harrop formulas}.

The main novelties are universal quantification on goals and implication.

The Prolog/Mali compiler compiles Lambda Prolog for the MALI abstract memory system.

Teyjus ( is an implementation of Lambda Prolog.

Lambda Prolog home (

Mailing list: [email protected].

["Higher-order logic programming", Miller D.A. and Nadathur G., 3rd International Conference on Logic Programming, pp 448-462, London 1986].

[Nadathur G. "A Higher-Order Logic as a Basis for Logic Programming", Thesis, University of Pennsylvania, 1987].

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