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Linux Network Administrators' Guide

(NAG) A book on setting up and running Unix networks.

NAG is freely available in electronic form.

It was produced by Olaf Kirch, <> and others as part of the Linux Documentation Project with help from O'Reilly and Associates.

It includes the following sections: Introduction to Networking, Issues of TCP/IP Networking, Configuring the Networking Hardware, Setting up the Serial Hardware, Configuring TCP/IP Networking, Name Service and Resolver Configuraton, Serial Line IP, The Point-to-Point Protocol, Various Network Applications, The Network Information System, The Network File System, Managing Taylor UUCP, Electronic Mail, Getting smail Up and Running, Sendmail+IDA, Netnews, C News, A Description of NNTP, Newsreader Configuration, Glossary, Annotated Bibliography.

FTP from UNC ( FTP from MIT (

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