Motorola, Inc.

<company> One of the world's leading providers of wireless communications, semiconductors and advanced electronic systems and services.

Major equipment businesses include cellular telephone, two-way radio, paging and data communications, personal communications, automotive, defense and space electronics, computers, satellite communications systems, police and emergency service radio systems, taxicab dispatching (radio) systems.

Communication devices, computers and millions of consumer products are powered by Motorola semiconductors.

They are probably best known in the computing world for their microprocessors, including the Motorola 6800 and Motorola 68000 CISC families and Motorola 88000 RISCs, the Motorola DSP56000 {digital signal processor}s and the PowerPC on which they collaborated.

They also led the development of VMEbus.

Quarterly sales $5400M, profits $367M (Aug 1994).

See also Envoy, Monsoon, MPL.


Address: Schaumberg, Illinois, USA.

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