Portable Forth Environment

<language> (PFE) A highly portable Forth development system based on the ANSI standard for Forth, by Dirk-Uwe Zoller of FHT, Mannheim, Germany.

PFE aims to be correct, complete, usable, and simple but it isn't optimised for speed. It supports all dpANS {word sets}.

It runs on Linux, RS/6000, and HP-UX.

Tektronix adopted PFE in 1998 and added modules and multithreading.

You can load additional C objects at run time to extend the Forth dictionary.

It can be targeted at different embedded environments by changing the terminal driver and initilisation routines.

Current version: 0.30.27 preview, as of 2000-11-23.

Home (http://pfe.sourceforge.net/).

E-mail: Guido Draheim <[email protected]>

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