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Routing Information Protocol

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Network Working Group                                         C. Hedrick
Request for Comments: 1058                            Rutgers University
                                                               June 1988

                      Routing Information Protocol

Status of this Memo

   This RFC describes an existing protocol for exchanging routing
   information among gateways and other hosts.  It is intended to be
   used as a basis for developing gateway software for use in the
   Internet community.  Distribution of this memo is unlimited.

                             Table of Contents

   1. Introduction                                                     2
        1.1. Limitations of the protocol                               4
        1.2. Organization of this document                             4
   2. Distance Vector Algorithms                                       5
        2.1. Dealing with changes in topology                         11
        2.2. Preventing instability                                   12
             2.2.1. Split horizon                                     14
             2.2.2. Triggered updates                                 15
   3. Specifications for the protocol                                 16
        3.1. Message formats                                          18
        3.2. Addressing considerations                                20
        3.3. Timers                                                   23
        3.4. Input processing                                         24
             3.4.1. Request                                           25
             3.4.2. Response                                          26
        3.5. Output Processing                                        28
        3.6. Compatibility                                            31
   4. Control functions                                               31


   This memo is intended to do the following things:

      - Document a protocol and algorithms that are currently in
        wide use for routing, but which have never been formally

      - Specify some improvements in the algorithms which will
        improve stability of the routes in large networks.  These
        improvements do not introduce any incompatibility with
        existing implementations.  They are to be incorporated into


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