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Telnet Authentication Option

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Network Working Group                                  D. Borman, Editor
Request for Comments: 1409                           Cray Research, Inc.
                                                            January 1993

                      Telnet Authentication Option

Status of this Memo

   This memo defines an Experimental Protocol for the Internet
   community.  Discussion and suggestions for improvement are requested.
   Please refer to the current edition of the "IAB Official Protocol
   Standards" for the standardization state and status of this protocol.
   Distribution of this memo is unlimited.

1.  Command Names and Codes

       IS               0
       SEND             1
       REPLY            2
       NAME             3

       Authentication Types
       NULL             0
       KERBEROS_V4      1
       KERBEROS_V5      2
       SPX              3
       RSA              6
       LOKI            10

       AUTH_WHO_MASK        1
       AUTH_HOW_MASK        2
       AUTH_HOW_ONE_WAY         0
       AUTH_HOW_MUTUAL          2

2.  Command Meanings

   This document makes reference to a "server" and a "client".  For the
   purposes of this document, the "server" is the side of the connection
   that did the passive TCP open (TCP LISTEN state), and the "client" is
   the side of the connection that did the active open.

Telnet Working Group

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