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Using the OSI Directory to achieve User Friendly Naming (OSI-DS 24 (v1

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Network Working Group                               S. Hardcastle-Kille
Request for Comments: 1484                             ISODE Consortium
                                                              July 1993

                   Using the OSI Directory to achieve
                          User Friendly Naming
                           (OSI-DS 24 (v1.2))

Status of this Memo

   This memo defines an Experimental Protocol for the Internet
   community.  It does not specify an Internet standard.  Discussion and
   suggestions for improvement are requested.  Please refer to the
   current edition of the "IAB Official Protocol Standards" for the
   standardization state and status of this protocol.  Distribution of
   this memo is unlimited.


   The OSI Directory has user friendly naming as a goal.  A simple
   minded usage of the directory does not achieve this.  Two aspects not
   achieved are:

      o A user oriented notation

      o Guessability

   This proposal sets out some conventions for representing names in a
   friendly manner, and shows how this can be used to achieve really
   friendly naming.  This then leads to a specification of a format for
   representing names, and to procedures to resolve them.  This leads to
   a specification which allows directory names to be communicated
   between humans.  The format in this specification is identical to
   that defined in [HK93], and it is intended that these specifications
   are compatible.  Please send comments to the author or to the
   discussion group: osi-ds@CS.UCL.AC.UK>.


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