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ASCII Printable Characters-Based Chinese Character Encoding for Internet Messages

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Network Working Group                                             Y. Wei
Request for Comments: 1842                        AsiaInfo Services Inc.
Category: Informational                                         Y. Zhang
                                                           Harvard Univ.
                                                                   J. Li
                                                              Rice Univ.
                                                                 J. Ding
                                                  AsiaInfo Services Inc.
                                                                Y. Jiang
                                                       Univ. of Maryland
                                                             August 1995

      ASCII Printable Characters-Based Chinese Character Encoding
                         for Internet Messages

Status of this Memo

   This memo provides information for the Internet community.  This memo
   does not specify an Internet standard of any kind.  Distribution of
   this memo is unlimited.


   This document describes the encoding used in electronic mail [RFC 822]
   and network news [RFC 1036] messages over the Internet. The 7-bit
   representation of GB 2312 Chinese text was specified by Fung Fung Lee
   of Stanford University [Lee89] and implemented in various software
   packages under different platforms (see appendix for a partial list
   of the available software packages that support this encoding
   method). It is further tested and used in the usenet newsgroups
   alt.chinese.text and chinese.* as well as various other network
   forums with considerable success. Future extensions of this encoding
   method can accommodate additional GB character sets and other east
   asian language character sets [Wei94].

   The name given to this encoding is "HZ-GB-2312", which is intended to
   be used in the "charset" parameter field of MIME headers (see [MIME1]
   and [MIME2]).

Wei, et al                   Informational

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