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NETCRT - a character display protocol

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Network Working Group                                          R. Braden
Request for Comments: 205                                       UCLA/CCN
NIC: 7172                                                  6 August 1971


   At the May NWG, meeting, CCN circulated dittoed copies of a proposed
   character-display protocol NETCRT.  Since that time, NETCRT has been
   revised significantly; the current version is now being published as
   an RFC, as promised last May.

   NETCRT was developed because a particular site (RAND) requested
   Network access to URSA, CCN's display-based crje system.  The primary
   use of URSA at UCLA is conversational remote job entry from a display
   terminal: entering and editing program text, submitting programs for
   batch execution, and examining job output; URSA is not a general-
   purpose time-sharing system.

   URSA's text editor is designed for a fast updating character display
   and cannot be used in any reasonable way from a typewriter-like
   console.  Therefore, a simple TELNET protocol is not adequate for
   using the crje function of URSA.  Furthermore, we have assumed that
   other ARPA sites will have their own text editors, well matched to
   their own terminals and systems.  Therefore, CCN has implemented
   NETRJS (see RFC #189), to provide remote job submission and retrieval
   services, before implementing NETCRT.

   There are a number of other functions in URSA besides crje; some of
   these would probably be useful to remote users.  URSA contains a
   comprehensive STATus service, whose constantly-updating displays are
   "windows" into the operation of the machine and the operating system,
   allowing a user to watch the progress of his jobs through the system.
   URSA also includes on-line data set (file) utilities, convenient for
   a user with files stored at CCN.  To obtain access to these
   facilities, a few sites which use CCN heavily may want to implement
   NETCRT.  The schedule for implementation of NETCRT at CCN to allow
   Network access to URSA will depend upon the existence of a user site
   that wants the service and that will write a suitable NETCRT user
   process.  Interested sites are urged to contact the CCN Technical
   Liaison, Bob Braden.

   Even though the implementation schedule for NETCRT is nebulous, we
   are publishing the specs now for several reasons.  First, we would
   like comments and criticisms.  Furthermore, NETCRT contains some
   features which may be useful in the protocol(s) now being developed
   for full graphical displays.


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