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Address tables

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Network Working Group                                        A. McKenzie
Request for Comments: 208                        Bolt Beranek and Newman
NIC: 7181                                                  9 August 1971
Categories: B.l, C.2
Updates: none
Obsoletes: none

                             ADDRESS TABLES

   Attached is a copy of a revision to Appendix A of BBN Report No.
   1822; the revised version of the Appendix is our first attempt to
   make the list of sites attached to the ARPA Network prospective
   rather than retrospective.  We are adopting this approach because of
   the large number of sites scheduled for attachment in the near
   future, and because many Hosts apparently require a site's address to
   be in some local table before their NCPs will permit communication
   with the site.  Therefore, we urge such Hosts to add the new sites to
   their lists of addresses as soon as possible.  Also, please note the
   address change which will be made at BBN on exactly September first.

   Incidentally, it seems to us that it is irrational for an NCP to
   discard otherwise valid messages, simply because the sender's address
   doesn't appear in a local table.  Similarly, it seems almost as
   irrational for an NCP to prevent a local user from trying to
   communicate with a remote site, the address of which is known to the
   user but not stored in the NCP's tables.


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