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Network checkpoint

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Network Working Group                              21 August 1971
Request for Comments 214                           E. Harslem-Rand
NIC 7195
Category: F
Obsoletes: 193, 198

                            NETWORK CHECKOUT

      As of August 21 we had performed the following verifications
with the sites listed below.  These verifications were done on an
arranged basis and do not indicate any degree of continuous

      In the category "NCP-107" the heading is somewhat misleading.
It does not indicate a thorough checkout of all the NCP functions
described in Document 1 and RFC-107.  It only indicates that the NCP
in question functioned to the extent required to respond to a RESET (a
necessary condition for the Rand NCP to consider the remote host "up")
and that the NCP performed the functions necessary for an ICP.  Thus,
this column really indicates only a small degree of NCP completeness.
Such function as ECHO, Give Back, error message generation and so on
were not checked.  We have checked some of these functions with UCSB
and SDC but not exhaustively.  This is mainly due to the tedium of
such a process.  BBN is currently writing a protocol certifier for
their DDP-516 host that will do this automatically.

                                  User   Server          Access
               NCP-107  ICP-156  Telnet  Telnet  Logger  Service
UCLA Sigma7      x        x        x       x       x       x
UCLA /91         x        x        x       x       na      x
SRI NIC          x        x                ?       ?       ?
UCSB             x        x        x       x       na      x
BBN A10          x        x                x       x       x
BBN TIP          x        x        x       x               na
MIT Multics      x        ?
MIT DMCG         x        x        x       x       x       x
SDC              x        x        x       x       ?
LINCOLN /67      x        x        x       x       x       x
UTAH             TENEX being installed


 --- the function has not been verified for the host

x--- the function has been verified for the host

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