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Specifications changes for OLS, RJE/RJOR, and SMFS

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RFC 217                                       8 September 71
NIC 7547                                      James E. White
Categories:  G.3                      Computer Research Lab.
Updates:  RFC 105, RFC 122               Univ. of California
Obsoletes: RFC 74                              Santa Barbara

               Specification Changes for
               OLS, RJE/RJOR, and SMFS

     The following documents are hereby revised:

     (1)  'Specifications for Network Use of the UCSB
          On-Line System [16 October 70, RFC 74, NIC 5417],

     (2)  'Network Specifications for Remote Job Entry and
          Remote Job Output Retrieval at UCSB' [22 March 71,
          RFC 105, NIC 5775], and

     (3)  'Network Specifications for UCSB's Simple-
          Minded File System' [26 April 71, RFC 122,
          NIC 5834].

     Revisions are as follows:

     (1)  As far as can be determined, no Network site has
          written code to interface to the UCSB software
          documented in RFC 74 last October.  Accordingly,
          UCSB has terminated support for that software,
          and hence RFC 74 is obsolete.

     (2)  In accordance with subsequent Host-Host protocol
          changes, the notion of 'message type' has been
          dropped from the specifications for RJE and RJOR,
          RFC 105.  RJE/RJOR no longer send, nor expect to
          receive 8 bits of zeros as the first byte trans-
          mitted over a connection.

     (3)  In accordance with Document 2, RJE and RJOR now
          employ a standard ICP to create a full duplex
          connection to the user.  Accordingly, RJE and
          RJOR listen on sockets x'201' and x'301',
          respectively (rather than on x'200' and x'300'
          as before).  As documented in RFC 105, RJE
          required only a simplex connection to the user.
          A full duplex connection is now supported, but
          no data is transmitted to the user over the

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