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Network Working Group                                      E. Westheimer
Request for Comments: 235                                            BBN
NIC: 7652                                             September 27, 1971
Obsoletes: None
Updates: None

                              SITE STATUS

   Beginning with this RFC, BBN will report on the status of most
   Network Hosts approximately once every two weeks.  The information
   for these reports will be gained from talking to people at each site,
   and from experimental "data".  These data will be the results of
   daily attempts to log into each of the Hosts which might be
   accessible to a Network user; the attempts will have been made from
   the BBN prototype Terminal IMP at a random time each weekday.

   Several Hosts are currently excluded from the daily testing.  These
   Hosts fall into two categories:

      1)  Hosts which are not expected to be functioning on the Network
      as servers (available for use from other sites) for at least a
      month.  Included here are:

            Network             Site              Computer

             71                 Rand              PDP-10
             74                 Lincoln           TX2
             11                 Stanford          PDP-10
             13                 Case              PDP-10
             14                 Carnegie          PDP-10
             15                 Paoli             B6500

      2)  Hosts which are currently intended to be users only.  Included
      here are the Terminal IMPs presently in the Network (AMES, MITRE,
      and BBN*).  This category also includes the Network Control Center
      computer (Network Address 5) which is used solely for gathering
      statistics from the Network.  Finally, included among these Hosts
      are the following:


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