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Standard host names

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Network Working Group                                          Jon Postel
Request for Comments: #236                                     UCLA-NMC
NIC 7661                                                       Computer Science
Categories: D.3                                                27 September 71
Related: #226, 229
Obsoletes: 229

                          STANDARD HOST NAMES

In RFC #226, Peggy Karp suggested that there be a set of standard host names,
that the names be 6 characters in length, and gave a partial list.  In RFC
#229, I suggested 8 character names and gave a longer list.  Here I present
my list again with some modifications.

I also suggest that as far as possible the Standard host names be consistent
with the site names used by the Network Information Center.  It also seems
to me to be a good idea to consult with each host's technical liaison officer
before assigning that host's name.

It has been brought to my attention that programmers are lazy and don't like
to deal with character strings longer than one computer word or containing
characters other than the capital letters A-Z or the digits 0-9.  Thus, I
have included an alternate list which is limited to 4 character names using
only the alphanumerics.

  Site                       Standard Name                       Alternate Name
  ----                       -------------                       --------------

   1                           UCLA-NMC                            NMC
   65                          UCLA-CCN                            CCN
   2                           SRI-ARC                             NIC
   66                          SRI-AI                              SRAI
   3                           UCSB                                UCSB
   4                           UTAH                                UTAH
   5                           BBN-NCC                             NCC
   69                          BBN                                 BBN
   133                         BBN-B                               BBNB
   6                           MIT-MLTX                            MLTX
   70                          MIT-DMCG                            DMCG
   7                           RAND-65                             RAND
   71                          RAND-10                             RND1
   8                           SDC                                 SDC
   9                           HARV-10                             HARV
   73                          HARV-1                              HRV1
   137                         HARV-11                             HRV2

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