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Site Status

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Networking Group                             A. McKenzie
Request for Comments: 240                    BBN
NIC #7665                                    30 September 1971
Categories: F, G.3                           Rand 50ctu
Updates:  none
Obsoletes:  RFC 235

                              SITE STATUS

     Due to extensive typographic errors in RFC #235, I have
decided to reissue the first of our experimental site status reports.

     In compiling RFC #235, I followed the principle that
timeliness was somewhat more important than extremely careful editing;
this seemed to me to be in keeping with the original RFC philosophy.  I
am sorry for any embarrassment this may have caused to anyone associated
with the Network, and accept full responsibility for the content of RFC
#235.  I will try to do a better job in the future.

Alex McKenzie

                              SITE STATUS

     Beginning with this RFC, BBN will report on the status of
most Network Hosts approximately once every two weeks.  The information
for these reports will be gained from talking to people at each site,
and from experimental "data".  These data will be the results of daily
attempts to log into each of the Hosts which might be accessible to a
Network user; the attempts will have been made from the BBN prototype
Terminal IMP at a random time each weekday.

     Several Hosts are currently excluded from the daily testing.
These Hosts fall into two categories:

     1)   Hosts which are note expected to be functioning on the
          Network as servers (available for use from other sites) for at
          least a month.  Included here are:

               Network        Site      Computer

                 71           Rand      PDP-10
                 74           Lincoln   TX2
                 11           Stanford  PDP-10

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