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Proffered set of standard host names

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Network Working Group                        Peggy Karp
Request for Comments:  #247                  MITRE
NIC 7688                                     12 October 1971
Categories:  Policy, Telnet
Related:  #226, 236, 239, 233, 237
Obsoletes:  #226

                  Proferred Set of Standard Host Names

   In RFC #226, BBN's TENEX list of Host names was set up as a strawman
   set of standard Host names.  Comments received since then (an RFC
   actually generated comments!!!) have influenced me to propose the
   following general rules for forming Host names.

   The Host names will be 8 characters in length.  The general form is

                       '-'   will be at most 4 characters, formed as follows:

        (a)  Use the keyword in the site name, if not more than
             four characters, e.g., NASA Ames, Case Western
             Reserve.                    ----  ----

        (b)  Use the standard acronym, if not more than four
             characters, e.g., UCLA, RADC, NBS.

        (c)  If a standard abbreviation exists, use it, e.g., Ill.

        (d)  If none of the above apply, use the first four letters
             in the site name, e.g., Burr, Mitr, Harv.

        (e)  If none of the above is acceptable to the site, the
             technical liaison should select the site mnemonic.

    will be at most 4 characters of the form .
   Examples of mfg. # are:

             IBM 360             2 digit model number
             IBM 370             3 digit model number
             PDP                 1 - 2 digit model number
             Burroughs           4 digits
             CDC                 4 digits

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