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Network host status

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Network Working Group                                      E. Wentheimer
Request for Comments: 252                       Bolt, Beranek and Newman
Category: F, G.3                                          8 October 1971
NIC: 7696

   The purpose of this RFC is to report on the recent status of most
   Network Hosts.  During September 27 through September 29 the BBN
   prototype Terminal IMP (Network Address 158) was inaccessible due to
   hardware debugging.  The Network was, therefore, not examined on
   these days.

   Three Hosts which were not officially able to act as Server's at the
   time of RFC #240 are now able to do so.  These Hosts are:

         NETWORK          SITE              COMPUTER
         2                SRI (NIC)         PDF-10
         6                MIT (Multics)     H-645
         9                HARVARD           PDP-10

   The Harvard PDP-10, however, has limited core space.  They will,
   therefore, run the Telnet program only occasionally.

   The following two tables summarize the information on the Host status
   for September 30 - October 8.

   ADDRESS                   TH    F     M     Tu    W     Th     F
                             9/30  10/1  10/4  10/5  10/6  10/7  10/8
                             1100  1753  1200  1600  1100  1300  1530

    1     UCLA     SIGMA-7     O     T     D      O   #D    O     O
   *65    UCLA     IBM-360/91  O     O     D      O    D    O     O
    2     SRI(NIC) PDP-10      O    #D     T     #T    O    T    #D
    66    SRI(AI)  PDP-10      D     D     D     D     D    D     D
    3     UCSB     IBM-360/75  D     O     O     O     O    O     O
    4     UTAH     PDP-10      D     D     D     D     D    D     D
    69    BBN(TENEX)  PDP-10   T     T     O     O     O    D     D
    6     MIT(Multics)H-645    O     O     D     T     D    T     T
    70    MIT(DM)     PDP-10   D     H     D     T     D    T     T
    8     SDC         IBM-360  D     D     D     D     D    D     D
    9     HARVARD     PDP-10   T     D     T     D     D    T     T
    10    LINCOLN     IBM-360  H     H     H     H     D    T     D


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