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The File Transfer Protocol

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Network Working Group                             17 November 1971
Request for Comments #265                         Abbay Bhushan, MIT
NIC 781                                           Bob Braden, UCLA
Categories D.4, D.5, and D.7                      Will Crowther, BBN
                                                  Eric Narslem, Rand
Obsoletes: 172                                    John Heafner, Rand
                                                  Alex McKenzie, BBH
                                                  John Melvin, SRI
                                                  Bob Sundberg, Harvard
                                                  Dick Watson, SRI
                                                  Jim White, UOSB

                       THE FILE TRANSFER PROTOCOL

    This Paper is a revision of RF 172, Mic 6794. The changes
to RFC 172 are given below. The protocol is then restated for
your ocnvenience.

                           CHANGES TO RFC 172

1) Two new file transfer requests have been added. These are

2) The op code assignements in control transactions have been
changed to include the above requests.

3) Two new error codes indicating 'incorrect or missing
indentifier' and 'file already exists' have been added. New error
code assignements reflect this change.

4) Editorial changes to clarify specifications.

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