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Network Host Status

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Network Working Group                                 Ellen Westheimer
RFC #267                                              BBN
NIC #7815                                             22 November 1971
Categories:  F, G.3
Updates: RFC #266
Obsoletes  None

      This RFC reports on the status of most Network Hosts from November
8  to  November 19.  On November 18, however, the BBN prototype Terminal
IMP (Network Address 158) was inaccessible due to hardware debugging.

      Several Hosts are  currently  excluded  fron  the  daily  testing.
These Hosts fall into two categories:

      1)  Hosts which are not expected to be functioning on
          the Network as servers (available for use from
          other sites) for at least two weeks.  Included here

          Address        Site             Computer

            71           Rand             PDP-10
            74           Lincoln          TX2
            13           Case             PDP-10
            14           Carnegie         PDP-10
            15           Ames             B6500
            16           Ames             IBM-360/67

      2)  Hosts which are curently intended to be users only.
          Included here are the Terminal IMPs, which are
          presently in the Network (AMES, MITRE, and BBN*).
          This category also includes the Network Control
          Center Computer (Network Address 5) which is used
          solely for gathering statistics from the Network.
          Finally, included among these Hosts are the following:

          Address        Site             Computer

             7           Rand             IBM-360/65
            73           Harvard          PDP-1
            12           Illinois         PDP-11

      During these two weeks the Lincoln Labs TX2 Hosts became a Network
User.  The SDC IBM 360/67 is now a server.

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