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Establishing a local guide for network usage

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NETWORK WORKING GROUP                                E. FORMAN
REQUEST FOR COMMENTS # 274                           MITRE
NIC # 7901                                           1 November 1971


     Actual experiences and experimentation with network systems and
subsystems will be an important supplement to existing NIC
documentation.  For this reason, MITRE, to facilitate local user
access to network resources, is planning to establish a local GUIDE TO
NETWORK USAGE to supplement the Resources Notebook and other NIC
documentation.  The Guide will be tailored to the needs of MITRE users
and will contain information on network systems and subsystems.  (We
cannot precisely define systems and subsystems at this time but as an
example of what we have in mind, TENNEX at SRI is a system and NLS is
a subsystem.)

     The Guide will be implemented under NLS in much the same fashion
as the NIC LOCATOR SYSTEM.  Information gathered that is appropriate
for the NIC but not yet included will be submitted for inclusion in
the NIC.

     Attached is an outline of the proposed NLS files for the Guide
System.  The information included in the Guide will be sufficiently
detailed to enable local users who are unfamiliar with the network,
its terminology, and stores of reference material to utilize resources
at foreign hosts via the network.

     Sites will be included in the Guide as local users gain
experience with systems and subsystems located at the remote sites.
Therefore, the sites most likely to be in the Guide will be those that
can be used to support MITRE projects.

     We are planning to coordinate our efforts in this undertaking
with a similar effort at the National Bureau of Standards.  We believe
that such endeavors will result in valuable contributions to the NIC,

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