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Computer networks and data sharing: A bibliography

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Network Working Group                                   Alvin P. Mullery
Request for Comments: 290               Thomas J. Watson Research Center
Updates: RFC 243                                        January 11, 1972
NIC: 8300


   Abstract.  The bibliography is broken into seven subject areas -
   general data structures, data description, data conversion, data
   management, data security, data transmission, and computer network
   design.  Two of these areas, general data structures and data
   management, cover a very broad range of subjects: however, in these
   two areas, only entries that seem to be specially pertinent to
   computer networks and data sharing are included.  The bibliography
   also contains an index of authors.


   1.  F.D. Anzelmo, "A Data-Storage Format for Information System
       Files," IEEE Trans. Computers, vol. C-20, p. 39-43, January 1971.

   2.  E. F. Codd, "A Relational Model of Data for Large Shared Data
       Banks," Comm. ACM, vol 13, p. 377-387, June, 1970.

   3.  C.T. Davies, "A Logical Concept for the Control and Management of
       Data", AR-0803-00

   4.  J. Barley, "Toward on Understanding of Data Structures," 1970 ACM
       SIGFIDET Workshop on Data Description and Access, p. 1-40,
       November, 1970.

   5.  M. Kay and S. Y. W. Su, "The MIND System:  The Structure of the
       Semantic File," Rand Corp. Rept. RM-6265/3-PR, June 1970.

   6.  S. E. Madnick and J.W. Alsop II, "A Modular Approach to File
       System Design," 1969 Spring Joint Computer Conf., AFIPS Proc.,
       vol. 34, p. 1-13, 1969.

   7.  W. C. McGee, "File Structures for Generalized Data Management,"
       Pro. IFIPS Congress 68, p. 1233, 1968.

   8.  P. D. Rovner and J. A. Feldman, "The LEAP Language and Data
       Structure," Proc IFIPS Congress 68, p. 579 1968.


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