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Network Host Status

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Network Working Group                           Ellen Westheimer
RFC #293                                        BBN
NIC #8303                                       18 January 1972
Categories:  F, G.3
Updates:  RFC 288
Obsoletes: None

                          NETWORK HOST STATUS

     This RFC reports on the status of most Network Hosts from January
3 to January 15.

     Several Hosts are currently excluded from the daily testing.
These Hosts fall into two categories:

1) Hosts which are not expected to be functioning on the Network as
servers (available for use from other sites) on a regular basis for at
least two weeks.  Included here are:

       Address                Site            Computer
       -------                ----            --------
         133                  BBN             PDP-10 (B)
           8*                 SDC             IBM-370/155
          13                  Case            PDP-10
          15                  Ames/(Paoli)    ILLIAC-(B6500)

2) Hosts which are currently intended to be users only.  Included here
are the Terminal IMPs, which are presently in the Network (AMES,
MITRE, NBS and BBN**).  This category also includes the Network
Control Center Computer (Network Address 5) which is used solely for
gathering statistics from the Network.  Finally, included among these
Hosts are the following:

       Address                Site            Computer
       -------                ----            --------
          7                  Rand            IBM-360/65
         73                  Harvard         PDP-1
         12                  Illinois        PDP-11
         19                  NBS             PDP-11

     The tables on the next two pages summarize the Host status for
this period.

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