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Report of the Protocol Workshop, 12 October 1971

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NWG/RFC #295                             JBP 2-JAN-72 15:35  8355
Protocol Workshop Report

Report of the Protocol Workshop

   12 October, 1971

   By Jon Postel.


   This is a report on the decisions reached at the protocol workshop
   held in conjunction with the Network Working Group meeting held in
   Cambridge from 10 to 14 October, 1971.

   The workshop addressed itself to protocols of four types: IMP-Host,
   Host-Host, Initial Connection, and Process-Process.

IMP-Host Protocol

   The idea of IMP provided status reports to be exchanged via new
   IMP-Host protocol messages was discussed and rejected because it was
   felt that the level of state information which could be reported was
   not sufficient to be worth the trouble of implementing this mechanism.

Host-Host Protocol

   The Host-Host Protocol was discussed and several problems were brought
   to light, among them were the following listed together with the
   group's recommendations.

      The GVB - RET mechanism may prove useful sometime in the
      future so it will be retained though no one appears to be
      using it now, however spontaneous RET commands are
      explicitly prohibited.

      The ECO - ERP commands are useful and should be supported,
      but spontaneous ERP commands are explicitly prohibited.  A
      further restriction is that a second ECO will not be sent
      until the first ECO has been answered.  Note that any of
      the following may be an answer to an ECO: ERP, RST,
      "Destination dead", or "Incomplete Transmission".

      The RST - RRP commands are useful, but the proper use of
      these commands for determining the status of host software
      is still open for discussion (please direct comments to Jon
      Postel), however spontaneous RRP commands are explicitly

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