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IEEE 802

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Network Working Group                                         P. Congdon
Request for Comments: 3580                       Hewlett Packard Company
Category: Informational                                         B. Aboba
                                                                A. Smith
                                                        Trapeze Networks
                                                                 G. Zorn
                                                           Cisco Systems
                                                                J. Roese
                                                          September 2003

    IEEE 802.1X Remote Authentication Dial In User Service (RADIUS)
                            Usage Guidelines

Status of this Memo

   This memo provides information for the Internet community.  It does
   not specify an Internet standard of any kind.  Distribution of this
   memo is unlimited.

Copyright Notice

   Copyright (C) The Internet Society (2003).  All Rights Reserved.


   This document provides suggestions on Remote Authentication Dial In
   User Service (RADIUS) usage by IEEE 802.1X Authenticators.  The
   material in this document is also included within a non-normative
   Appendix within the IEEE 802.1X specification, and is being presented
   as an IETF RFC for informational purposes.

Congdon, et al.              Informational

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