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Suggestions for improved host table distribution

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Network Working Group                                       Mark Crispin
Request for Comments: 849                                       Stanford
                                                                May 1983


     This RFC may be something unique among modern-day RFC's, an RFC
that actually is a request for comments.  The issue dealt with is that
of a naming registry update procedure, both as exists currently and what
could exist in the future.  None of the proposed solutions are intended
as standards at this time; rather it is hoped that a general consensus
will emerge as the appropriate solution, leaving eventually to the
adoption of standards.

                                THE PROBLEM

     I am somewhat dissatisfied with the current level of Internet name
service and name registry updating.  Each site is expected to
individually maintain a copy of the [SRI-NIC]HOSTS.TXT file,
and in fact has to, since SRI-NIC is simply not reliable enough to
depend upon as a name server.  Neither the Tenex operating system nor
the Foonly computer are known for exceptional reliability or
performance.  Probably they serve the NIC's internal operations well;
that is not at issue.  What is needed is a name service that is
available at all times.  Only then could a site sacrifice maintaining
its own local copy of "the host table".

     The NIC indirectly acknowledges this, by providing a service by
which the entire Internet name registry can be dumped, as well as
ANONYMOUS FTP access to the HOSTS.TXT file.  The problem is,
some individual has to know to retrieve the latest version of the file
from the NIC.  The NIC has not always been careful to announce updates
to the name registry.  My experience with maintaining an independent
name registry from the NIC's in the past leads me to appreciate the
NIC's problems.

     There also seems to be no good automated way to cross-check the
version at the local site with the NIC's.  It is clearly inefficient to
go to the effort of retrieving the same version of the host table that
already has been installed on site.

                             SOME SOLUTIONS

     One could argue that a solution is to replace or augment the
present SRI-NIC system with VAX Unix system(s) dedicated to name service
and network information.  A reliable and highly-responsive name service
would ultimately lead to the elimination of the necessity to maintain
copies of the registry locally.  This solution requires money, time, and
effort, which may or may not be immediately available; it must therefore
be considered a longer-term solution.


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