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ISO Transport Protocol specification

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Network Working Group                                   ISO
Request for Comments:  892                              December 1983

                     ISO Transport Protocol Specification

This document is distributed as an RFC for information only.
It does not specify a standard for the ARPA Internet.

Note:  This document appeared in:

ISO/TC97/SC16/WG6.  Information Processing Systems - Open Systems
    Interconnection - Transport Protocol Specification.  Computer
    Communication Review 12, 3-4 (July/October 1982), pp.  24-67.

and differs from it only in format.

Table of Contents

0.   Introduction
1.   Scope and Field of Application
2.   References

Section One - General

3.   Definitions
4.   Symbols and Abbreviations
5.   Overview

     5.1  Service provided by the transport layer
     5.2  Service assumed from the network layer
     5.3  Functions of the transport layer
     5.4  Model of the transport layer

Section Two - Transport Protocol Specification

6.   Protocol Mechanisms
     6.1  Assignment to network connection
     6.2  Transport protocol data unit (TPDU) transfer
     6.3  Data TPDU length and segmenting
     6.4  Concatenation and separation
     6.5  Connection establishment
     6.6  Connection refusal
     6.7  Release
     6.8  Implicit termination
     6.9  Spurious disconnect
     6.10 Data TPDU numbering
     6.11 Expedited data transfer
     6.12 Reassignment
     6.13 Reassignment after failure

ISO Transport Protocol Specification

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