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Gateway special interest group meeting notes

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Network Working Group                                    R. Hinden (BBN)
Request for Comments: 898                                J. Postel (ISI)
                                                          M. Muuss (BRL)
                                                       J. Reynolds (ISI)
                                                              April 1984



   This memo is a report on a meeting.  No conclusions, decisions, or
   policy statements are documented in this note.


   This memo is a report on the Gateway Special Interest Group Meeting
   that was held at ISI in Marina del Rey, California on 28 and 29
   February 1984.  Robert Hinden of BBNCC chaired, and Jon Postel of ISI
   hosted the conference.  Approximately 35 gateway designers and
   implementors attended.  These notes are based on the recollections of
   Jon Postel and Mike Muuss.  Under each topic area are Jon Postel's
   brief notes, and additional details from Mike Muuss.

   The rest of this memo has three sections: the agenda, notes on the
   talks, and the attendees list.


   Tuesday, February 28

      9:00  Opening Remarks -- BBN - Hinden
      9:15  Opening Remarks -- ISI - Postel
      9:30  The MIT C Gateway -- MIT - Martin
      10:00 The Butterfly Gateway -- BBN - Hinden
      10:30 Break
      11:00 The EGP C Gateway -- ISI - Kirton
      11:20 The BRL Gateway -- BRL - Natalie
      11:40 The CMU Gateway -- CMU - Accetta
      12:00 Lunch
      1:30  The Wisconsin BITNET/CSNET Gateway -- UWisc - Solomon
      2:00  LAN to X.25 Gateway -- Computer Gateways Inc. - Buhr
      2:20  ISI-UCI Gateway -- UCI - Rose
      2:40  FACC Gateway -- FACC - Holkenbrink
      3:00  Break
      3:30  Lincoln IP/ST Gateway -- LL - Forgie/Kantrowitz
      3:50  Minimal Stub Gateways -- MITRE - Nabielsky
      4:10  Discussion

Hinden, Postel, Muuss, & Reynolds

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