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Web page

<World-Wide Web> A block of data available on the World-Wide Web, identified by a URL.

In the simplest, most common case, a web page is a file written in HTML, stored on the server.

It may refer to images which appear as part of the page when it is displayed by a web browser.

It is also possible for the server to generate pages dynamically in response to a request, e.g. using a CGI script.

A web page can be in any format that the browser or a helper application can display.

The format is transmitted as part of the headers of the response as a MIME type, e.g. "text/html", "image/gif".

An HTML web page will typically refer to other web pages and Internet resources by including hypertext links.

A web site often has a home page (usually just the hostname, e.g.

It may also have individual home pages for each user with an account at the site.

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