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  1. [noun] insulting terms of address for people who are stupid or irritating or ridiculous
    Synonyms: asshole, cocksucker, dickhead, shit, mother fucker, motherfucker, prick, whoreson, son of a bitch, SOB

  2. [noun] the illegitimate offspring of unmarried parents
    Synonyms: by-blow, love child, illegitimate child, illegitimate, whoreson

  3. [noun] derogatory term for a variation that is not genuine; something irregular or inferior or of dubious origin; "the architecture was a kind of bastard suggesting Gothic but not true Gothic"
    Synonyms: mongrel

  4. [adjective] born out of wedlock; "the dominions of both rulers passed away to their spurious or doubtful offspring"- E.A.Freeman
    Synonyms: ly, misbegot, misbegotten, spurious

  5. [adjective] fraudulent; having a misleading appearance
    Synonyms: bogus, fake, phony, phoney


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