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  1. [noun] a knot with two loops and loose ends; used to tie shoelaces
    Synonyms: knot

  2. [noun] a slightly curved piece of resilient wood with taut horsehair strands, used in playing certain stringed instrument

  3. [noun] front part of a vessel or aircraft; "he pointed the bow of the boat toward the finish line"
    Synonyms: fore, prow, stem

  4. [noun] curved piece of resilient wood with taut cord to propel arrows

  5. [noun] something curved in shape
    Synonyms: arc

  6. [noun] bending the head or body or knee as a sign of reverence or submission or shame
    Synonyms: ing, obeisance

  7. [noun] an appearance by actors or performers at the end of the concert or play in order to acknowledge the applause of the audience
    Synonyms: curtain call

  8. [noun] a decorative interlacing of ribbons

  9. [noun] a stroke with a curved piece of wood with taut horsehair strands that is used in playing stringed instruments

  10. [verb] bend one's knee or body, or lower one's head; "He bowed before the King"; "She bowed her head in shame"
    Synonyms: down

  11. [verb] submit or yield to another's wish or opinion; "The government bowed to the military pressure"
    Synonyms: submit, defer, accede, give in

  12. [verb] bend the head or the upper part of the body in a gesture of respect or greeting; "He bowed before the King"

  13. [verb] bend one's back forward from the waist on down; "he crouched down"; "She bowed before the Queen"; "The young man stooped to pick up the girl's purse"
    Synonyms: crouch, stoop, bend

  14. [verb] play on a string instrument


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