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  1. [noun] a round vessel that is open at the top; used for holding fruit or liquids or for serving food

  2. [noun] a concave shape with an open top
    Synonyms: trough

  3. [noun] a dish that is round and open at the top for serving foods

  4. [noun] the quantity contained in a bowl
    Synonyms: ful

  5. [noun] a large structure for open-air sports or entertainments
    Synonyms: stadium, arena, sports stadium

  6. [noun] a wooden ball (with flattened sides) used in the game of bowls

  7. [noun] a small round container that is open at the top for holding tobacco
    Synonyms: pipe

  8. [verb] roll (a ball)

  9. [verb] engage in the sport of bowling; "My parents like to bowl on Friday nights"


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