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  1. [noun] a structure that allows people or vehicles to cross an obstacle such as a river or canal or railway etc.
    Synonyms: span

  2. [noun] a circuit consisting of two branches (4 arms arranged in a diamond configuration) across which a meter is connected
    Synonyms: circuit

  3. [noun] something resembling a bridge in form or function; "his letters provided a bridge across the centuries"

  4. [noun] the hard ridge that forms the upper part of the nose; "her glasses left marks on the bridge of her nose"

  5. [noun] any of various card games based on whist for four players

  6. [noun] a wooden support that holds the strings up

  7. [noun] a denture anchored to teeth on either side of missing teeth
    Synonyms: work

  8. [noun] the link between two lenses; rests on nose
    Synonyms: nosepiece

  9. [noun] an upper deck where a ship is steered and the captain stands
    Synonyms: deck

  10. [verb] connect or reduce the distance between
    Synonyms: over

  11. [verb] make a bridge across; "bridge a river"

  12. [verb] cross over on a bridge


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