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  1. [noun] a United States term for Blacks that is now considered offensive
    Synonyms: person

  2. [adjective] having color or a certain color; sometimes used in combination; "colored crepe paper"; "the film was in color"; "amber-colored heads of grain"
    Synonyms: coloured, colorful

  3. [adjective] having skin rich in melanin pigments; "National Association for the Advancement of Colored People"; "the dark races"; "dark-skinned peoples"
    Synonyms: coloured, dark, dark-skinned

  4. [adjective] favoring one person or side over another; "a biased account of the trial"; "a decision that was partial to the defendant"
    Synonyms: biased, coloured, one-sided, slanted

  5. [adjective] (used of color) artificially produced; not natural; "a bleached blonde"
    Synonyms: bleached, coloured, dyed


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