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  1. [noun] the process of combustion of inflammable materials producing heat and light and (often) smoke; "fire was one of our ancestors' first discoveries"
    Synonyms: fire, flame

  2. [adjective] resembling flame in brilliance or color; "maple trees ablaze in autumn"; "flaming autumn leaves"
    Synonyms: ablaze

  3. [adjective] lighted up by or as by fire or flame; "forests set ablaze (or afire) by lightning"; "even the car's tires were aflame"; "a night aflare with fireworks"; "candles alight on the tables"; "blazing logs in the fireplace"; "a burning cigarette"; "a flaming crackling fire"; "houses on fire"
    Synonyms: ablaze, afire, aflame, aflare, alight, blazing, burning, on fire

  4. [adjective] (used of persons) informal intensifiers; "what a bally (or blinking) nuisance"; "a bloody fool"; "a crashing bore"; "you flaming idiot"
    Synonyms: bally, blinking, bloody, blooming, crashing, fucking

  5. [adjective] very intense; "a fiery temper"; "flaming passions"
    Synonyms: fiery


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