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  1. [noun] lack of attention and due care
    Synonyms: disregard

  2. [noun] the state of something that has been unused and neglected; "the house was in a terrible state of neglect"
    Synonyms: disuse

  3. [noun] willful lack of care and attention
    Synonyms: disregard

  4. [noun] the trait of neglecting responsibilities and lacking concern
    Synonyms: negligence, fulness

  5. [noun] failure to act with the prudence that a reasonable person would exercise under the same circumstances
    Synonyms: negligence, carelessness, nonperformance

  6. [verb] leave undone or leave out; "How could I miss that typo?"; "The workers on the conveyor belt miss one out of ten"
    Synonyms: pretermit, omit, drop, miss, leave out, overlook, overleap

  7. [verb] fail to do something; leave something undone; "She failed to notice that her child was no longer in his crib"; "The secretary failed to call the customer and the company lost the account"
    Synonyms: fail

  8. [verb] fail to attend to; "he neglects his children"

  9. [verb] give little or no attention to; "Disregard the errors"
    Synonyms: ignore, disregard


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