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  1. [noun] an excavation that is (usually) filled with water

  2. [noun] a small lake; "the pond was too small for sailing"
    Synonyms: pond

  3. [noun] an organization of people or resources that can be shared; "a car pool"; "a secretarial pool"; "when he was first hired he was assigned to the pool"

  4. [noun] an association of companies for some definite purpose
    Synonyms: consortium, syndicate

  5. [noun] any communal combination of funds; "everyone contributed to the pool"

  6. [noun] a small body of standing water (rainwater) or other liquid; "there were puddles of muddy water in the road after the rain"; "the body lay in a pool of blood"
    Synonyms: puddle

  7. [noun] the combined stakes of the betters
    Synonyms: kitty

  8. [noun] something resembling a pool of liquid; "he stood in a pool of light"; "his chair sat in a puddle of books and magazines"
    Synonyms: puddle

  9. [noun] any of various games played on a pool table having 6 pockets
    Synonyms: pocket billiards

  10. [verb] combine into a common fund; "We pooled resources"

  11. [verb] join or form a pool of people


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