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  1. [adverb] extremely; "roaring drunk"

  2. [noun] a deep prolonged loud noise
    Synonyms: boom, roar, thunder

  3. [noun] a very loud utterance (like the sound of an animal); "his bellow filled the hallway"
    Synonyms: bellow, bellowing, holla, holler, hollering, hollo, holloa, roar, yowl

  4. [adjective] very lively and profitable; "flourishing businesses"; "a palmy time for stockbrokers"; "a prosperous new business"; "doing a roaring trade"; "a thriving tourist center"; "did a thriving business in orchids"
    Synonyms: booming, flourishing, palmy, prospering, prosperous, thriving

  5. [adjective] loud enough to cause (temporary) hearing loss
    Synonyms: deafening, earsplitting, thunderous, thundery


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