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  1. [noun] latex from trees (especially trees of the genera Hevea and Ficus)
    Synonyms: India gum elastic, caoutchouc

  2. [noun] an eraser made of rubber (or of a synthetic material with properties similar to rubber); commonly mounted at one end of a pencil
    Synonyms: eraser, pencil eraser

  3. [noun] contraceptive device consisting of a thin rubber or latex sheath worn over the penis during intercourse
    Synonyms: condom, safety, safe, prophylactic

  4. [noun] a waterproof overshoe that protects shoes from water or snow
    Synonyms: arctic, galosh, golosh, gumshoe

  5. [verb] coat or impregnate with rubber; "rubberize fabric for rain coats"
    Synonyms: ize, ise

  6. [adjective] made of rubber and therefore water-repellent; "rubber boots"
    Synonyms: ized, ised

  7. [adjective] returned for lack of funds; "a rubber check"; "a no-good check"
    Synonyms: no-good


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