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  1. [adjective] having an agreeably pungent taste
    Synonyms: piquant, savory, savoury, zesty

  2. [adjective] suggestive of sexual impropriety; "a blue movie"; "blue jokes"; "he skips asterisks and gives you the gamy details"; "a juicy scandal"; "a naughty wink"; "naughty words"; "racy anecdotes"; "a risque story"; "spicy gossip"
    Synonyms: blue, gamy, gamey, juicy, naughty, racy, risque

  3. [adjective] having a piquant burning taste of spices or peppers; "gingery Chinese food"; "hot peppers"; "hot curry"; "corn chips with peppery salsa"; "spicy tomato sauce"
    Synonyms: gingery, hot, peppery


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