eLook.org FireFox Additions

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Search Box Plugin

In the top right of FireFox is a quick search box. By clicking on the link below, eLook.org will be added as an option. Search eLook.org faster than ever.

Install eLook.org Search Box Plugin

Quick Dictionary Lookup

With our focus on making sure out site loads extremely fast, its no surprise that one of our most popular sections is the dictionary section. In order to make it easier to quickly look up a site, we have released a FireFox extension that lets you look up any word instantly using two different methods:

1. Highlight text on a page, hold ALT, and click on the text. You will be immediately taken to the dictionary search results


2. High text on a page, right click, and Lookup "keyword" on eLook.org

Please click here to install the FireFox extension.

If there are any problems, please contact us.

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