Cheats for MX Super Fly (GAMECUBE)

Cameron Steele:
Get the "World's Longest Jump" trophy.

Make your MX superfly character float
To make your character fly, stop you character completely, press and hold the R, L, Z, and A buttons, this will make your character fly in one direction. This may take a few tries. Other button combenations may change the effects. Your character will not fly forever, it will fall and then you can try again. There is no point to, but it is really funny.

Elrod the Viking:
Go to the Rock Ridge freestyle track. Go to the left until you notice the chair lift. Head downhill to the lower tower. Look for the stone ramp to the right (while still facing downhill). Get your speed up to about 45 mph, preload, and jump to the tower and stop on top of it. You must now travel up to the higher tower riding on the cables. When you reach the other side, will get the "Lift Tower Challenge" trophy and unlock Elrod the Viking.

Sal the Alien:
Go to Fox Creek, jump through the fence, across the canyon, and into the ghost town. Pull up next to the church and bunny hop into the graveyard (hold Clutch, Rev Motor, Preload suspension, hold Back, release Clutch and Preload when the suspension is loaded to the max). From the grave yard, jump to the lower roof platform covering the doorway to the first shop. Continue jumping from roof to roof until you get to the end. From there, jump to the back of the building's roofs that you were just on. The last ramp will take you up to a rock land bridge (very difficult to land). Jump from the land bridge down to a ledge leading to an open mine shaft. Follow this passage into the military base and down to Sal's spaceship. Finally run past the ship to a room where Sal is being held in suspended animation to get the "Find Out The Truth" trophy and unlock Sal the Alien as a playable rider.

Get the "Crane's Eye View" trophy.

Custom Bee motorcycle:
Get the "World's Highest Jump" trophy.

Custom Cow motorcycle:
Go to West Valley Freestyle in one player mode. Go down to the basement and go off one of the jumps. It will take you to a place on top. Follow the way then do the big jump at the end to complete the "Brave The Vertical Drop" challenge. The "Trophy awarded" message will appear and you unlock the Custom Cow motorcycle.

Custom Playa motorcycle:
Get the "Dominate 125cc Pro Race Season" trophy.

Special Fire motorcycle:
Get the "Dominate 250cc Pro Freestyle Season" trophy.

Special Tiger motorcycle:
Get the "Dominate 125cc Pro Freestyle Season" trophy.

Extra track editor barriers:
Get the "Dramatic Entrance" trophy.

Extra track editor movable objects:
Get the "Impossible Stoppie" trophy.

Extra track editor ramps:
Get the "Impossible Wheelie" trophy.

Extra track editor platforms and Station Z:
Get the "Cross Training" trophy. To do this easily, participate in an exhibition race under the hard difficulty setting. Set the laps to "3" and opponents to "0". It is best to use a Super Cross Track because you will need a lot of jumps. Run the race and do tricks until you hit 5,000 points. You will automatically get first place because you are the only one on the track.

Balloon toss mini-game:
Get the "Safety First" trophy.

Wheelball mini-game:
Get the "Mega Stunt" trophy.

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