Apple pancakes from the townships

Servings: 4



Crepes aux pommes des Cantons Sift together flour baking powder (1 Tbsp amount is correct) baking soda salt sugar and cinnamon. Beat sour milk and eggs in a small bowl. Add apples unpeeled and cut into small pieces and melted butter. Add the sour milk mixture to the dry ingredients. Stir well. Cook as you would ordinary pancakes in greased cast iron fry pan. Brown on both sides. Serve plain or with butter and maple syrup. to quote Mme Benoit Each year at the end of September, the whole family

would go to the Eastern Townships Apple Festival. And there, instead of

eggs in syrup as was the custom at sugaring parties, apples pancakes were

served with lots of butter and delicious Townships maple syrup. Source: Mme. Jehane Benoit's _My Grandmother's Kitchen_ a collection of recipes from her grandmother's recipe book with modern measures and instructions added.

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