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Transition Scenarios for 3GPP Networks

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RFC 3574         Transition Scenarios for 3GPP Networks      August 2003

1.  Introduction

   This document describes the transition scenarios in 3GPP packet data
   networks that might come up in the deployment phase of IPv6.  The
   main purpose of this document is to identify and to document those
   scenarios for further discussion and study them in the v6ops working

   Just a brief overview of the 3GPP packet data network, GPRS, is given
   to help the reader to better understand the transition scenarios.  A
   better overview of the 3GPP specified GPRS can be found for example
   from [6].  The GPRS architecture is defined in [1].

2.  Scope of the Document

   The scope is to describe the possible transition scenarios in the
   3GPP defined GPRS network where a UE connects to, or is contacted
   from, the Internet or another UE.  The document describes scenarios
   with and without the usage of the SIP-based (Session Initiation
   Protocol [5]) IP Multimedia Core Network Subsystem (IMS).  The 3GPP
   releases 1999, 4, and 5 are considered as the basis.

   Out of scope are scenarios inside the GPRS network, i.e., on the
   different interfaces of the GPRS network.  This document neither
   changes 3GPP specifications, nor proposes changes to the current

   In addition, the possible transition scenarios are described.  The
   solutions will be documented in a separate document.

   All the possible scenarios are listed here.  Further analysis may
   show that some of the scenarios are not actually relevant in this

3.  Brief Description of the 3GPP Network Environment

   This section describes the most important concepts of the 3GPP
   environment for understanding the transition scenarios.  The first
   part of the description gives a brief overview to the GPRS network as
   such.  The second part concentrates on the IP Multimedia Core Network
   Subsystem (IMS).

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